About KetoFitGal

After spending the majority of my life as a fit person, I found myself 100 pounds overfat due to fertility drugs I was using to conceive our youngest child. Prior to trying to conceive I was a titled Figure Competitor with 4% body fat and here I am continuing  on the fertility drugs for about four years and ended up at that heaviest weight. After having the baby I was so focused on him being "Our Baby" that I put all my effort into him and the other children. I forgot about myself. I would go shopping at the mall and see my reflection in the store windows as I pushed the stroller and I hated myself. I truly hated myself. 

In 2010 I decided to finally get back to being fit since I was turning 40! I wanted to be fit at forty, not fat at forty! So, I started leaning out and working out. At the time I finally met my exercise hero, Ken Hutchins, and soon became a Super Slow instructor under his tutelage. I worked for Ken for awhile and kept on leaning out in the process. But at some point depression kicked back in and I started to self-sabotage, again! 

It's now 2018 and I've yo-yo'd my way up and down the scale over the last eight years. I finally told myself in April of 2017 that "I'm done". I was tired of being fat! I needed to get off my butt and workout again, loss the fat and regain my positive self image I had lost years ago! And I did just that! 

My Keto journey is something that I think of as a way of life. I know that this way of eating is completely sustainable with very little sense of missing out syndrome. I hope my journey will help someone else start theirs or maybe continue their journey! I hear from people on social media daily saying how I've inspired them and I tell them, they're kind words inspired me to keep on going strong!