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Toxic People

The only way to win with a TOXIC PERSON is NOT to PLAY! 

It can get quite shady when you’re dieting and reaching some levels of success with it. As the saying goes.. “Misery loves company”. And that’s a pretty accurate thing when it comes to dieting. People don’t want to be miserable alone. And if you’re cheating, they’ll feel better about cheating too! You get the idea. 

But, sometimes it’s more about your success in the inches lost or even in a social media standing. You’ve got less fat, you’ve got more followers, you fit into those skinny jeans.. whatever the concept is, we get it. People will always be there to put you down, copycat your work or even steal from you (stealing your motivation too!). You can’t let that get in your way or stop your momentum. Take it as flattery or better yet, take it as motivation! You can tell the people that are fake happy for you. Tread lightly. Be careful. 

Trust me when I tell you that there are far more people that do care about you and your fat loss journey. They truly care how you’re doing and how they can help you in any way. Find those people and cleave unto them. Don’t spend your time with people that are pulling you down. A fat loss journey is a true struggle. It’s one that requires dedication like most people are not willing to do. Why would you spend your time around people that are trying to sabotage you? If it’s a family member or a close friend, you’ll just have to politely distance yourself. Don’t let them get the best of you and bring your spirits down. They are the worst offenders. 

Get up, dust yourself off and don’t feel sorry for yourself. Engage with those that are like minded and on your same path. Reach out to those they lift your spirit every time they are around you. I promise you that they are close by even if you don’t see it at first. Look deeper at your friendships or family. Someone there is willing to stand by your side and help you on your path. It might be that you’ve never reached out to them in that way. Test the waters! Find them today! 

Keep up the good work! No path is a failure, it’s a journey! No matter what you did the night before, wake up and start anew! Love ya’ll!

Life Gets In The Way

Life gets in the way!

All of us have things in common and one of them is that Life does get in the way. Maybe we are on a path to achieving a size we’ve always wanted to be or maybe we just want to get healthy, either way we are working towards that goal and life has a way to stop us at times. 

Are you a person who likes to be as close to perfect as possible? I would say that I’m always striving for that (Mostly due to control issues, but that’s another topic!) But what if you’ve set your immediate goal way too high? How much pressure are you putting on yourself? 

If we break it down we’ll see that life is a journey and we’ll have many obstacles in our path to success. It really doesn’t matter what goal we are referring to, it’s the same for any of them! Ok, so let’s assume you spent this past weekend “cheating” on your diet. Have you allowed yourself a few cheats a week/month? Maybe if you allow it, you may never take it and maybe the allure of the food will lose its hold on you eventually. But, that’s isn’t alway the case for most people. More than likely you’ll end up spiraling out of control and one snack turns into meals! 

How can we stop this? Is it in our genetics? Or are we just letting our minds take over. Our minds are extremely powerful and why don’t we take that power and flip it to our favor? Take the power of your mind and turn it into your personal assistant. Call on it when you need the helping hand. You can be your own pillar of strength. 

I use old pictures of myself, good and bad. I have old pictures that are of my physically fit and I use those as my inspiration. You might not have these type of pics, but you can find someone on the internet (within reason) that will fit the bill. Please don’t pull up pictures of uber skinny models or fitness models. Find a real person who has achieved their goals or has achieved a recent goal. These are the real scenarios. I also use old pictures of myself that are of me much larger and unhappy. Happiness doesn’t have to be based on my dress size, but I was so embarrassed to go out in public that I didn’t do a lot of family functions or even date nights with my hubby. So, in the instance, yes, happiness was based on my dress size. 

Please allow yourself mess ups, but please don’t let them stop your progress or your determination. Ok, so you messed up this weekend. It’s not a big deal as you won’t get fat from one cheat meal and you won’t get fit from one healthy meal! Forge on! If you’ve lost the fat already, close your eyes and visualize how you physically and mentally felt when you were overfat. If you’re on your journey, visualize what you’ll feel like when you can chase the kids easier or cross your legs when you sit in a chair! You got this! We’re all in together no matter what stage we’re in!!! Lean on people and let them lean on you! Love you all! 


Stop the Insanity... (Remember Susan Powter)

Do you remember Susan Powter back in the early 90's? "Stop the Insanity" I think it was even the name of her program she sold. Heck, I bought into it! I remember it had a skin caliper and maybe some videos... not sure! Anyway, I think the message regarding dieting is as clear today as it has always been. STOP THE INSANITY! 

In my case I'm referring to the constant, eh hmm, peeing on a stick! For the love of all things, STOP! This process is really a trigger for me. I used to have to do those pregnancy tests for almost four years with negative results while trying to conceive our last child! Let me tell you, no one is a winner when it's not the result you're hoping to see! 

But, for the Keto community, the sticks are super popular and lots of people are really relying on them to see if they are "losing fat". Guess what? You don't have to use them to see a change in your body. You don't have to use them to feel a change in your body. Are you feeling better? Are you clothes fitting better or not at all anymore? You're making progress! You do not need to be in Ketosis to lose fat. You also cannot rely on those sticks telling you if you're truly in Ketosis or not. They are basically letting you know what is happening in your body at the very second. Not five minutes prior, not five minutes later, but right then and there. 

Did you just workout? Did you just eat something within the last half hour? Trust me there are so many ways to change the color of that pee stick! And let's say you're "peeing purple", the stick is saying you are an excess of Ketones in your body. Does that mean that you are killing it on the fat loss? Not necessarily. Again, it's almost like a parlor trick. Accept it for what it is and do not base your whole diet on it. 

My fear is that loads of people don't see the color purple and give up on the Keto Diet right then and there! DON'T! You're body will become Fat Adapted, lose excess fat, feel better and possible ward off disease. Why would you risk giving all that up for a pee stick? 

Guess what? Ask tons of moms and they'll tell you that the pee stick said "negative" and they were preggers! Heck, I had a fertility doc tell me in his office (feet in stirrups, ugh), etc. that "I'm so sorry, it looks like it didn't take this month, again". But, I was preggers at the very minute! Why he didn't know with all those tools and machines I don't know, but I don't care! I was pregnant. 

You are succeeding I'm sure! And if you aren't, let's talk about it! Let me help you find out why and how we can tweak your diet and lifestyle so that you reach your goals! 

~ Christine 

Hurricane Keto Prep!

It’s already Hurricane 2018 Season and I have always had some extra worry collecting food for an emergency. It’s mostly because I’ve always had to make sure I have food for our child with celiac and 44 food allergies! (You should see what I pack for him to eat on a cruise lol)

So, it’s just starting to occur to me that my whole household is all on the Keto lifestyle and we’ll need food for the Hurricane season. Normally with Keto we don’t use processed foods. We tend to use whole foods. This is proving to be a little more challenging. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve been dieting and packing for Hurricane season. Last year I was very low carb as well, with moderate fats. It was a modified version of Keto and I packed canned chicken, tuna, olives and such. So, let’s here’s a list of my top 10 items that will work in a pinch!

  1. Olives (I prefer the ones that are in the little plastic cups. The To-Go ones)
  2. Foil Packaged white tuna in olive oil. (This one is tricky because a lot of them use canola too! Check carefully)
  3. Foil Packaged Chicken. This usually is just that.. Chicken! 
  4. Almonds (plain, no added oils or sugar)
  5. Macadamia Nuts (same as above)
  6. Beef Jerky (I prefer Keto Carne) You can also make your own.
  7. Parmasean Crisps (I prefer Cello Whisps) 
  8. Pederson Farms sells precooked packaged Bacon that is good! No junk in it! 
  9. Exogenous Ketones (BHB) (I prefer Perfect Keto) (Chocolate or Peach both a great)
  10. Bone Broth (They sell individual size ones at Whole Foods and some other stores/online)

AND THE MOST EASIEST ONE TO PACK….. NONE! FASTING :) Just make sure you also have Pink Himalayan Sea Salt on hand, along with loads of water for everyone! 

I also bake Cloud Bread almost daily since my whole family eats Keto. I keep it in a big ziplock baggie. It wouldn’t hurt to have some on hand a few times a week, just in case!

Shift Your Focus!

Shift your focus from fat loss to healthy person! Let the fat loss be the side effect of you regaining your health back! 

When you think about it, our “weight” is a direct representation of not only our lifestyle, but also as a SYMPTOM of what we are eating. Think about that! If you take the pressure of yourself in terms of stop worrying about the extra fat on your body and start putting emphasis on your actual health. Put effort into what’s happening inside your body and guess what happens? Fat loss! 

In my experience, when we start really thinking critically about the foods we eat, the medicine we take (even the one for colds, etc), and the byproducts that are hidden in our foods, we start to realize we have a real situation. I mean if we had proper foods and we stick to an exercise routine we would have less colds, less need for mediation to relieve of us the symptoms that hold us back. What you don’t realize is that these symptoms can be a direct connection to the foods you eat! 

Carbohydrates, Nitrates, Nitrites, Food dyes, Dairy (for some) and more. All these things can affect the way you look and feel. Are you getting headaches daily that make you run for the meds? Have you eaten anything that has food dye in it? That’s just one simple example of reactions that our food brings on. 

If you “cheat” on your diet and eat some carbs that are not the best, you’ll find the next day or even hours later that you’ll be swollen with water retention as an immediate effect. You might have thought that you gained all the weight the scale is showing, but more than likely you didn’t with one meal, you’ve just made yourself a water balloon that keeps filling up! Drop your carbs down to a low carb version and you’ll see your rings are fitting better, your pants aren’t as tight within a day or so. This alone should make you want to stop bringing on the inflammatory foods. 

Does inflammation only bring on swelling? I know that might be your immediate concern, but man it’s not the swelling in our legs and arms but more of where the rest of the swelling is taking place that we don’t see! Our brain is the most concerning! Headaches? Yep, carbs too! Get rid of inflammation and lets move forward. 

Don’t focus on the negative, just remove it! You got this!