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Keto Snacking ~ The Sugary runaway Train!

We’ve all heard how Sugar Addiction is more powerful than Cocaine! I’m not speaking from experience as my carb of choice has always been pasta or bread, but I do hear on a daily basis that the majority of people are suffering from a sugar addiction. 

If you are one of these people or maybe you’re teeter tottering on the edge of a sugar addiction, please read this post.  

One of the best things about the Keto Community is that its extremity welcoming. We have open arms for anyone who wants to join us! It’s really an inspiring group of people that help each other. I even see a lot of encouragement on social platforms. It’s very refreshing. We have grown over the years and have become more mainstream which has brought on a plethora of new Keto food products. Mostly snack options. 

Let me tell you that there is a ton of them out there, both from reputable companies and some that are not so good. We take the good with the bad because it’s all progress in helping spread the word of Keto. Spreading the word makes our lives much easier as it then brings on better health, more socially acceptable and even easier to eat at restaurants. 

But, some of these snacks are made with artificial sweeteners which still affect your blood sugar, as well as, just being generally bad for your body for other reasons.  And then there’s the good sweet sources, for instance, pure Stevia that doesn’t affect your blood sugar. But either way, if you are a sugar addict it’s not a smart idea to intake any of these products. Any amount of sweetness can make crave more sweetness. It's a slippery slope and if you are sugar addict this could lead you into a whole lot of trouble. I think this is one of the reasons we see binge dieting. I promise you that if you looked at the package label really close you'll find that things you didn't think had sugar in them really do and also things you would never guess had added bad oils really does.

***Side rant***Canola hides in almost every snack around, and if it's not in there its close friend soybean oil just might be! Just be aware of what you eating so you don't set yourself back. READ LABELS closely. 

Back to the sugar! I’m definitely not an trained expert on the subject, but I’ve seen the effects of sugar substances towards many clients which all ended up with them giving up on their new eating lifestyle. I would say that if you are a sugar addict you should probably just avoid the sugary Keto snacks that we find everywhere or even the recipes that include these type of sugars. At least try this for the first several months and then gradually add in a Stevia snack here and there, just not filling your day up with these foods. You want to make sure your majority of food intake is from whole food sources with a snack peppered in to stay on track!