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Binge Eating

I sort of feel that one can slip into binging while otherwise adhering successfully to a Keto lifestyle. Because there are so many versions of Keto, it can make it easy to slip into an old bad habit or make a new one!

Before you start down a Carb Day or Cheat Day you need to ask yourself if your personality is the type that will overindulge. If you’re mindset is “this is my last carb meal” or “I can’t eat another carb for a week” you more than likely will start shoving in large amounts of carbs/food that you normally wouldn’t have in the first place. 

Each of us truly knows our own weaknesses and we can’t lie to ourselves. Think hard on this one. Are you a good candidate for cheat meals or cheat days? If you have the personality that tends to be “all or nothing” please reconsider. You don’t have to stay clear of these things all the time. You can train your mind to accept one meal a week or one day a week, however you want to work out your Keto lifestyle. Or simply just don’t do it if it’s too much pressure.  

Its all mind over matter as they say. We can reprogram our minds to be more adaptive to eating a certain way. This can take some time but it’s certainly doable. The meal you’re eating that’s off your “diet” is not the very last time you’re going to eat that food in your lifetime! Don’t put such a harsh restriction on yourself. Tell yourself that you can have another meal like this when you choose to. You’re in control. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. (I’m speaking to myself here as well)

Have a great weekend! Enjoy Father’s Day!!