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Being a Keto Boss!

Let's face it, we are super busy during the summer and a lot of the times we have to do a quick dash to dine here or there. What I want to point out to you is that we should really try to stay clear of our old stomping grounds. Our old "haunts", if you will! These can really be triggers that might leave your disappointed or worse, cheating. So do you avoid them or come to grips with the idea that that was the old you and this new you doesn't eat unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks! This is really a question that you have to resolve in your own head. Are you the personalty that can stick to your way of eating and modifying a restaurant menu that you used to frequent with bad food choices in the past? 

I'm sure there are a lot of you that just don't need or want the temptation put in your face. Or maybe you'll do it with a brave face thinking you got this! But, when you get there and everyone is smacking down on breadsticks you feel like you're missing out or you even crack! I'm really an on or off person and back in December my family was at the Olive Garden. So there were a lot of us and I watched as they all enjoyed the breadsticks, Alfredo sauce and more. All of my usual old bad habit food groups that don't make up anywhere near my daily lifestyle now. I mean I could do a real Alfredo sauce that I made or that I know what's exactly in it, but this way, no because I had no clue. And what was I going to do just eat it with a spoon? LOL That's ok. I'll sit and chill. 

I promise you that this must have been the 40th restaurant I had been to in 2017 and I didn't crack at any other ones and I didn't care. But, for some reason, on this day I was upset. I wasn't upset that I was missing out. It was more like I was upset that they all seemed to really enjoy what they were eating and I had my food brought with me in my purse. I was did eat the lettuce with my own apple cider vinegar and oils, but I wasn't too terribly happy. Someone said something that set me off and I got super upset and cried a little silently. Hadn't I been losing a ton of fat over this year? Don't I like to sit and have fun eating whatever I like just like everyone else? Why can't I feel human? Why do I isolate myself? 

The real truth is that I don't usually feel the way and that I don't let things like that get the best of me. If I spent a hot second thinking about all the inflammation that would cause my body and the stomach ache I would inevitably get, I would be just fine sitting there chatting and not eating! 

It all boils down to how we feel about food. Why we "FEEL" at all about it! Why would we have an emotional connection with food? It's just a fuel source and our goal is to put the best fuel in. So, gosh darn it, let it go. It's just an old feeling associated with food the ended up putting you in the overeat position you were in the beginning of 2017! That's what I should have told myself! Even someone like me who can sort of be a professional dieter (ugh that sounds bad, but with the competitions, etc. I think I am) can break down and have a connection to food that I don't want! 

Let it go! Just like the song says.. Let it Go people! Stop keeping all these attachments to food, a restaurant, a theme park, a bar, etc. Just because you went there when you were..... (fill in the blank) or you love that place because you and hubby always get the... (fill in the blank). It doesn't have to be that way. Get the control over the food and stop letting it control you! You're the boss!