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Total Perfection!


If you’re finding yourself “perfecting” your diet and really using perfection as a procrastination device, stop! I do it myself a lot. 

My OCD has caused me to really want me to become an expert in every field. It’s truly debilitating at times. When I find myself interested in a topic I go full force. It’s not uncommon for me to spend days or weeks, sometimes months, researching the topic. The weird part is that it doesn’t make a difference what topic it is regarding. The topics over the years range from fitness and nutrition, of course, but also child rearing, autism, travel, inventing, licensing, health, etc. 

On any given day you can find me on the computer or knee deep in a book researching many topics. One of my other “isms” is multitasking. I’m guessing it’s related to some form of ADD. I jump from topic to topic. This brings the perfectionism to a new level since I’m constantly juggling multiple topics and multiple books at once. 

You wouldn’t be able to find one fiction book in my arsenal. I just don’t see a purpose in reading something that won’t enhance my life. But, if you really look into it, this flip flopping of topics prevents me from getting to that point of perfection I strive for on any topic. So this brings me to the point of weeks or months delving in deeper and deeper and never really perfecting unless it’s a topic I’m finding truly interesting! 

The MLM business has seen tendencies of perfection preventing someone from becoming successful. It’s very common for people to get into a MLM type of business and then hone in on some topic such as sales and really never getting to a sale! I bet we could learn so much more on the topic from interviewing someone high ranked in a MLM business. 

If I’m being honest, I was one of those “recruits”. I was really good at letting people think I’m a superstar until they figure out I’m just perfecting only one aspect and failing at the other tasks. I could have the potential for being a high sales rep in a company, but my OCD and perfectionism prevents me from total success. Damn it! 

The lesson here is no one or nothing is PERFECT! No one on earth is able to be given that title. So why do some of us struggle with this when we know it all too well? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong for striving to be the best you can be in a topic, but you won’t be perfect.  Constantly putting off implementing what you’re learning simply because you are not perfect yet will lend to being unfulfilled.