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Shift Your Focus!

Shift your focus from fat loss to healthy person! Let the fat loss be the side effect of you regaining your health back! 

When you think about it, our “weight” is a direct representation of not only our lifestyle, but also as a SYMPTOM of what we are eating. Think about that! If you take the pressure of yourself in terms of stop worrying about the extra fat on your body and start putting emphasis on your actual health. Put effort into what’s happening inside your body and guess what happens? Fat loss! 

In my experience, when we start really thinking critically about the foods we eat, the medicine we take (even the one for colds, etc), and the byproducts that are hidden in our foods, we start to realize we have a real situation. I mean if we had proper foods and we stick to an exercise routine we would have less colds, less need for mediation to relieve of us the symptoms that hold us back. What you don’t realize is that these symptoms can be a direct connection to the foods you eat! 

Carbohydrates, Nitrates, Nitrites, Food dyes, Dairy (for some) and more. All these things can affect the way you look and feel. Are you getting headaches daily that make you run for the meds? Have you eaten anything that has food dye in it? That’s just one simple example of reactions that our food brings on. 

If you “cheat” on your diet and eat some carbs that are not the best, you’ll find the next day or even hours later that you’ll be swollen with water retention as an immediate effect. You might have thought that you gained all the weight the scale is showing, but more than likely you didn’t with one meal, you’ve just made yourself a water balloon that keeps filling up! Drop your carbs down to a low carb version and you’ll see your rings are fitting better, your pants aren’t as tight within a day or so. This alone should make you want to stop bringing on the inflammatory foods. 

Does inflammation only bring on swelling? I know that might be your immediate concern, but man it’s not the swelling in our legs and arms but more of where the rest of the swelling is taking place that we don’t see! Our brain is the most concerning! Headaches? Yep, carbs too! Get rid of inflammation and lets move forward. 

Don’t focus on the negative, just remove it! You got this!