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Stop the Insanity... (Remember Susan Powter)

Do you remember Susan Powter back in the early 90's? "Stop the Insanity" I think it was even the name of her program she sold. Heck, I bought into it! I remember it had a skin caliper and maybe some videos... not sure! Anyway, I think the message regarding dieting is as clear today as it has always been. STOP THE INSANITY! 

In my case I'm referring to the constant, eh hmm, peeing on a stick! For the love of all things, STOP! This process is really a trigger for me. I used to have to do those pregnancy tests for almost four years with negative results while trying to conceive our last child! Let me tell you, no one is a winner when it's not the result you're hoping to see! 

But, for the Keto community, the sticks are super popular and lots of people are really relying on them to see if they are "losing fat". Guess what? You don't have to use them to see a change in your body. You don't have to use them to feel a change in your body. Are you feeling better? Are you clothes fitting better or not at all anymore? You're making progress! You do not need to be in Ketosis to lose fat. You also cannot rely on those sticks telling you if you're truly in Ketosis or not. They are basically letting you know what is happening in your body at the very second. Not five minutes prior, not five minutes later, but right then and there. 

Did you just workout? Did you just eat something within the last half hour? Trust me there are so many ways to change the color of that pee stick! And let's say you're "peeing purple", the stick is saying you are an excess of Ketones in your body. Does that mean that you are killing it on the fat loss? Not necessarily. Again, it's almost like a parlor trick. Accept it for what it is and do not base your whole diet on it. 

My fear is that loads of people don't see the color purple and give up on the Keto Diet right then and there! DON'T! You're body will become Fat Adapted, lose excess fat, feel better and possible ward off disease. Why would you risk giving all that up for a pee stick? 

Guess what? Ask tons of moms and they'll tell you that the pee stick said "negative" and they were preggers! Heck, I had a fertility doc tell me in his office (feet in stirrups, ugh), etc. that "I'm so sorry, it looks like it didn't take this month, again". But, I was preggers at the very minute! Why he didn't know with all those tools and machines I don't know, but I don't care! I was pregnant. 

You are succeeding I'm sure! And if you aren't, let's talk about it! Let me help you find out why and how we can tweak your diet and lifestyle so that you reach your goals! 

~ Christine