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Life Gets In The Way

Life gets in the way!

All of us have things in common and one of them is that Life does get in the way. Maybe we are on a path to achieving a size we’ve always wanted to be or maybe we just want to get healthy, either way we are working towards that goal and life has a way to stop us at times. 

Are you a person who likes to be as close to perfect as possible? I would say that I’m always striving for that (Mostly due to control issues, but that’s another topic!) But what if you’ve set your immediate goal way too high? How much pressure are you putting on yourself? 

If we break it down we’ll see that life is a journey and we’ll have many obstacles in our path to success. It really doesn’t matter what goal we are referring to, it’s the same for any of them! Ok, so let’s assume you spent this past weekend “cheating” on your diet. Have you allowed yourself a few cheats a week/month? Maybe if you allow it, you may never take it and maybe the allure of the food will lose its hold on you eventually. But, that’s isn’t alway the case for most people. More than likely you’ll end up spiraling out of control and one snack turns into meals! 

How can we stop this? Is it in our genetics? Or are we just letting our minds take over. Our minds are extremely powerful and why don’t we take that power and flip it to our favor? Take the power of your mind and turn it into your personal assistant. Call on it when you need the helping hand. You can be your own pillar of strength. 

I use old pictures of myself, good and bad. I have old pictures that are of my physically fit and I use those as my inspiration. You might not have these type of pics, but you can find someone on the internet (within reason) that will fit the bill. Please don’t pull up pictures of uber skinny models or fitness models. Find a real person who has achieved their goals or has achieved a recent goal. These are the real scenarios. I also use old pictures of myself that are of me much larger and unhappy. Happiness doesn’t have to be based on my dress size, but I was so embarrassed to go out in public that I didn’t do a lot of family functions or even date nights with my hubby. So, in the instance, yes, happiness was based on my dress size. 

Please allow yourself mess ups, but please don’t let them stop your progress or your determination. Ok, so you messed up this weekend. It’s not a big deal as you won’t get fat from one cheat meal and you won’t get fit from one healthy meal! Forge on! If you’ve lost the fat already, close your eyes and visualize how you physically and mentally felt when you were overfat. If you’re on your journey, visualize what you’ll feel like when you can chase the kids easier or cross your legs when you sit in a chair! You got this! We’re all in together no matter what stage we’re in!!! Lean on people and let them lean on you! Love you all!