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Toxic People

The only way to win with a TOXIC PERSON is NOT to PLAY! 

It can get quite shady when you’re dieting and reaching some levels of success with it. As the saying goes.. “Misery loves company”. And that’s a pretty accurate thing when it comes to dieting. People don’t want to be miserable alone. And if you’re cheating, they’ll feel better about cheating too! You get the idea. 

But, sometimes it’s more about your success in the inches lost or even in a social media standing. You’ve got less fat, you’ve got more followers, you fit into those skinny jeans.. whatever the concept is, we get it. People will always be there to put you down, copycat your work or even steal from you (stealing your motivation too!). You can’t let that get in your way or stop your momentum. Take it as flattery or better yet, take it as motivation! You can tell the people that are fake happy for you. Tread lightly. Be careful. 

Trust me when I tell you that there are far more people that do care about you and your fat loss journey. They truly care how you’re doing and how they can help you in any way. Find those people and cleave unto them. Don’t spend your time with people that are pulling you down. A fat loss journey is a true struggle. It’s one that requires dedication like most people are not willing to do. Why would you spend your time around people that are trying to sabotage you? If it’s a family member or a close friend, you’ll just have to politely distance yourself. Don’t let them get the best of you and bring your spirits down. They are the worst offenders. 

Get up, dust yourself off and don’t feel sorry for yourself. Engage with those that are like minded and on your same path. Reach out to those they lift your spirit every time they are around you. I promise you that they are close by even if you don’t see it at first. Look deeper at your friendships or family. Someone there is willing to stand by your side and help you on your path. It might be that you’ve never reached out to them in that way. Test the waters! Find them today! 

Keep up the good work! No path is a failure, it’s a journey! No matter what you did the night before, wake up and start anew! Love ya’ll!